Carlota Pradera

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Miami | August 23 trugh 27, 2010
Recovering our treasures 

Recovering our treasures is an inspiring dance-theater workshop welcoming all those Ponce Plaza seniors that wish to embark in a reconnection with their childhood and the meaning of being grandparents from a creative and hands-on frame of work. The exploration of movement and the memory that words and objects hold will be the instruments from which to build a rich and memorable group experience.

Workshop coordinated by the Spanish Cultural Center of Miami (CCE Miami).

Miami | August 19, 2010 
Osmosis act / Night of Dance
a collaboration with THT and Gustavo Matamoros 
(New Work Miami 2010 / Miami Art Museum)
Osmosis Act For New Work Miami 2010, performer and choreographer Carlota Pradera will co-habit THT's and Gustavo Matamoros' installation spaces and the bridge in between as a healing subject who vacuums perceived doses of violent states of being captured from any passing by stranger into, right before their eyes, reduced silence.
August 19, 2010 | Night of Dance at Miami Art Museum.

(video & interview).

Miami | August 19, 2010
Miami Art Museum After Hours
by Celeste Fraser Delgado Knight Arts, Miami, 19 August 2010.
"...dancer/choreographer Carlota Pradera will be weaving her way from a spooky installation by Amalia Caputo of Talking Head Transmitters into a serene sound installation by Gustavo Matamoros."

Miami | July 19 to 30, 2010 
summer at ccemiami (Spanish Cultural Center Miami)

Dance Your Story
Is a summer intensive workshop that invites children between ages 9 and 12 to participate in an exciting and insightful personal research that will allow them to discover and re-connect with their past. The children's family stories will be progressively revealed right before their eyes. Choreographer Carlota Pradera will guide the group through a well grounded process using dance-theater methods that will promote creative exploration and conclude the experience in an original choreography.
Miami | May 2010 
Writing on  Vertical Sprawl  
from a recent rehearsal visit by Elizabeth Doud | Inkub8 
"There is work, not struggle: labor.  It’s the labor of artisans; bricklayers, or weavers or  sharecroppers… forklifts? Efforts towards an important building up of something that will get unloaded, cracked, blown over inexplicably, or inevitably." read more...
Heather Maloney’s Vertical Sprawl Packs Power 
Celeste Fraser Delgado | Knight Arts
"Maloney, Joanne Barrett, Carlota Pradera, and John Beauregard took turns stroking each other on the floor and lifting each other overhead. The sequences between Pradera and Beauregard were particularly remarkable, as the duo traded places in Beauregard’s wheelchair and the male dancer made such powerful use of his arms and torso to push his partner and propel the lower part of his body that is was often hard to remember that he is paraplegic." read more...
Dominican Repubic | August 2009
En espectáculo ¨Quinta Dominica¨

Leoncio B. | El Informador
"El Espectáculo “(Bolo Planeta Maquinal Vs Acción Intro-Guetho), que presentará la galeristas y directora de Edge Zones Art Miami, Charo Oquet, tendrá en escena a los famosos bailarines el cubano Alexey Taran y la española Carlota Pradera."
Miami | March 2009
Here & Now Festival give visual workout to audience

Jordan Levin | Miami Herald

 "Carlota Pradera perform the aerial piece Symbol as part of the here & Now festival at the Arsht Center in Miami."
New York | June 2007
Carlota Pradera at Trisha Brown summer intensive.
"Technique Class: each class will explore fundamentals that are integral to understanding the range and detail of the Trisha Brown Dance Company movement style. Emphasis is placed on learning movement as the Company does: with attention to detail, spatial clarity, performance quality, and an awareness of dancing with others. Classes begin with a warm-up emphasizing the coordination of alignment, breath, and weight to bring space, direction, and flow of energy through the joints. Concepts emphasized in technique will be applied to a work from a different period in the Company repertory."
New York | December 2003 - January 2004
Carlota Pradera at Movement Research Winter Melt Intensive Workshop.
"MELT Intensives are a series of daily workshops in technique, somatics, improvisation, composition and other areas offered each summer (5 or 6 weeks) and winter (3 weeks).Taught by Movement Research’s internationally recognized faculty as well as acclaimed guest artists as Chris Aiken (contact-improvisation), Neil Greenberg (composition), Ishmael Houston-Jones (composition), Yvonne Meier (movement research/improvisation), Tere O’connor (technique & composition), Vicky Shick (technique), Donna Uchizono (repertory), and Gwen Welliver (technique); these workshops provide students with the unique opportunity to engage with some of the most highly regarded an innovative artists in the field of dance today."