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July 2010 | summer at ccemiami | Miami 
Dance Your Story
Is a summer intensive workshop that invites children between ages 9 and 12 to participate in an exciting and insightful personal research that will allow them to discover and re-connect with their past. The children's family stories will be progressively revealed right before their eyes. Choreographer Carlota Pradera will guide the group through a well grounded process using dance-theater methods that will promote creative exploration and conclude the experience in an original choreography. 
July 2010 | Ponce Plaza / Miami.

"Recovering our treasures" is an inspiring dance-theater workshop welcoming all those Ponce Plaza seniors that wish to embark in a reconnection with their childhood and the meaning of being grandparents from a creative and hands-on frame of work. The exploration of movement and the memory that words and objects hold will be the instruments from which to build a rich and memorable group experience.
 Workshop coordinated by the Spanish Cultural Center of Miami (CCE Miami).

June 2010 | Project Row Houses / Houston.
Carlota Pradera with students from Project Row Houses 2010 Summer Arts Education Program; Houston, Texas, June 21, 2010.

May 2010 | Southside Elementary Museum Magnet School / Miami.

Carlota Pradera with students of Southside Elementary Museum Magnet School; Miami, May 16, 2010.